SLO24 has an IAU bronze badge

We are very proud to inform everyone that the SLO24 running race is the recipient of the IAU bronze badge.

The IAU has revised the IAU designation criteria for ultra-distance races to improve event standards and accessibility for organizers.

Why the IAU label?
In 2008, the IAU decided to introduce the IAU designation to ensure that:

  • The race course is measured to WA regulations, which is especially important when a world or continental best is being run. This is the only way to compare performances.
  • The race is recognized by its own national athletics federation to bring “ultrarunning” closer to the national federations.

As a result, the IAU will only officially recognize entries in IAU-marked races. This is important not only for the possible “best results”, but also for the calculation of the funds that are distributed for participation at major IAU competitions (MIAUCs).