Koper, April 5, 2024
In Slovenia, the 3rd SLO24 running competition will take place in Koper, under the auspices of the AK Ultramarathon Slovenia (AKUS) athletic club. In addition to the beautiful seaside location, the competition will offer a wide range of different running distances, including the royal 24-hour running race, after which the competition itself was named.

IAU bronasta značka za leto 2023

SLO24 has an IAU bronze badge

The first Slovenian 24-hour national championship

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24 hour

An unforgettable 24-hour race, the royal and central discipline of the SLO24 sports event. 24 hours of running in a beautiful seaside town.

12 hour

A more demanding race suitable for experienced runners who want a fast pace and a top result.

6 hour

The race is also suitable for recreational runners who want to test themselves for the first time in an ultramarathon.

Competitors who took part in the historical race Spartathlon will come to the event. More about their adventure on the race in the documentary RTV Slovenia Ekipa – Špartatlon 2021.


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