SLO24 is AIMS certified

At Slo24 we have AIMS certified distances.

The AIMS certificate means that the track has been measured professionally and that the distance is exactly as stated in the certificate – in centimeters.

The Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) is an association of more than 300 marathons and distance races taking place in 95 countries. AIMS sets standards for the organization of races, measures and certifies race tracks, records official race results and recognizes world records set on such tracks. AIMS is a collective member of the IAAF.

All official IAAF / AIMS meters undergo special training and examinations before being accepted for measurement of actual marathon runs. Great responsibility rests with the Measurer as thousands of people have been training for a long time to take this race, they are striving for their best and, most importantly — recognized result.

We also had an official AIMS Measurer on the Slo24 line.

Why was this so important to us? As we strive for international recognition, the match must be organized in accordance with all international standards.

The main reasons why we invested in certification:

  • High accuracy of distance measurement is essential in the modern world of running. The AIMS certificate ensures not only the correct distance measured, but also the correct organization of the race, ie immediate medical assistance (if necessary), water at refreshments and much more – it is worth making sure that the race has AIMS marathon status.
  • Certified races are included in the AIMS calendar and are eligible for promotion in AIMS Distance Running Magazine to attract more runners from around the world.

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